Tips for Cold Weather Hiking

Tips for Cold Weather Hiking

Hiking in the cold weather months can be breathtakingly beautiful, especially in the backcountry of Idaho. Our beautiful mountain ranges make for amazing photo shoots and incredible views in the winter time and cold weather months. Hiking is a great activity, but it also can be dangerous in the cold weather months. Here is how to stay warm and safe:

winter hiking tipsDress Appropriately

Dress yourself in layers, and make sure to bring a backpack with extra clothing in case of an emergency. When hiking, you are usually sweating.  The best thing to do is to not wear huge winter coats because overheating can be extremely dangerous because this can cause hypothermia if the moisture has nowhere to escape. Dressing in layers will allow you the chance to take off any layer if you need to.

Keep Your Water Bottle Warm

Always bring enough water to last the entire hiking adventure or trip. But remember, it’s better to have warm water than frozen water in the colder months. Keep your water bottle in a foam sleeve, so that the water doesn’t freeze in the cold temperatures. You can also keep it on the inside of your jacket.

Cover Up Your Skin

This is important in colder temperatures, especially freezing temps because when your skin is exposed to the air, you’re susceptible to frost bite in those exposed areas. Wear fleece gloves, wool socks, face mask, and a winter hat or headband. Make sure your feet are dry with wool socks, but make sure they aren’t too tight in the boots. This will cut off circulation. Bring an extra pair of socks just in case.

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