Idaho Moose Hunting

Before you head off on Idaho moose hunting you want to make sure you understand the three main tactics that are used in moose hunting. The first of these is stand hunting. Often this is the most effective form of moose hunting. A moose is always going to come by your stand eventually, the main question is whether or not it will come by when you are there and during legal hunting hours.

However, moose hunting stands are different from deer stands. Deer stands can be portable, but moose stands, on the other hand, are large and designed to be permanent installations. The most product moose hunting stands are those placed near two watersheds. Just keep in mind that with moose hunting stands you may not always have the ideal conditions for hunting a moose.

The second most popular moose-hunting tactic is still-hunting. With this option, you aren’t confined to one location as you are with stand hunting. If you are hunting during the post rut this can be a good idea since the moose are likely retiring to heavy thickets in order to recover their strength and are less likely to wander by your stand. Sometimes this option can be more productive than stand hunting but will require more work and skill.

Lastly, there is the option of moose calling. This method is less likely to be used in the United States but it can be used in remote regions during the breeding periods to some effect. However, the success of calling depends on the moose and whether or not you are experienced in moose calling.