Guided & Unguided Hunts & Lodging Rates

Book now for your Combination Elk, Deer & Bear hunt to guarantee your elk tag & hunt dates.

Combination Elk, Deer, Bear

Guided 9 day Backcountry Camp Hunt:Sept. 15th to Nov. 11th
2 Hunters with 1 guide$5,675.00 per person
1 hunter with 1 guide$6,675.00 per person
Guided 8 day Archery Camp Hunt:Aug. 28th to Sept. 13th
2 Hunters with 1 guide$4,575.00 per person
1 hunter with 1 guide$5,575.00 per person
Guided 7 day Lodge Hunt:Sept. 15th to Nov. 11th
2 hunter with 1 guide$5,075.00 per person
1 hunter with 1 guide$6,075.00 per person
Deluxe Drop Camp 9 daySept. 15th to Nov.11th
2 hunters$2,750.00 per person
3 Hunters  (additional discount for 5 or more hunters)$2,550.00 per person
5 or more $2,250.00

Spring Bear

Guided Spot & Stalk 7 day Hunt  on the Salmon River By Jet Boat:April 14th to 27th 2019
Includes lodging & meals$3,875.00 per person
Special 6 day Lodge Bear Hunt over bait:May 16th to June 30th
Includes lodging & meals$2,775.00 per person
Mountain Lion Guided 7 day Lodge Hunt:November 20th to March 31st
1 hunter with 1 guide includes lodging & meals$6,275.00 per person

Bighorn Sheep

10 Day Lodge & Camp Hunt:September 1st to October 31st
1 hunter with 1 guide$7,900.00 per person


7 Day Lodge or Camp Hunt:September 1st to November 23rd
1 hunter with 1 guideFish & Game has closed the season in our units

Summer Combination Pack Trips

7 Days Based in Lodge$1,550.00
7 Days: 4 nights at lodge and 3 days & 2 nights in a backcountry camp$1,750.00

Regular Season Rates

Bed & Breakfast$95.00
Extra person in room$25.00

Hunting Season Rates

Sept.1st to Nov. 18th
Bed & Breakfast$120.00
Extra person in room$25.00

*Prices effective as of October 1st 2018
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