Idaho Elk Hunting

Elk hunting requires its participants be in better physical condition than other types of hunting. This form of big game hunting of one of the most impressive hunted land mammals in North America brings you to some rather challenging terrain and country. Elk hunting usually takes place at higher altitudes, so being in good shape and being able to deal with the thinner air is critical to both the success and enjoyment of your hunt. Elk hunting with an outfitter usually involves traveling several miles to a camp where you will be based, and then covering the surrounding area over a period of several days for your elk. During elk hunts, several other types of game are usually encountered, providing you with an opportunity to get more than just an elk.

One of the largest hunted land mammals in Northern America, elk is simply the largest species of deer that you’ll find in the world. Elk is hunted for game, meat, and also the velvet found on their antlers. These majestic and graceful animals are a popular hunt in season, with guided and unguided elk hunts alike, in the northern regions of the United States for this very reason. Elk meat has a taste between the more gamey flavor of venison and the more mildly familiar flavor of beef. Come autumn, it is time for Elk Season on our Idaho territory.

Guided Elk Hunts

Take advantage of the opportunity to partake in the adventure of the outdoors without having to be of expert experience. Our guided elk hunts require a horseback ride into the camp of a minimum of five miles where you will set up and which will serve as your base for departures and returns from hunts. Camps have a sleeping tent equipped with padded cots and a kitchen tent with cooking and dining amenities for your comfort and overall enjoyment of your guided elk hunt. These guided elk hunts also provide the opportunity to experience deer and bear hunts, and they run from mid-September to early October.

Unguided Elk Hunts

Unguided elk hunts begin during autumn, following the guided elk hunts. From mid-October to mid-November, the experienced outdoorsman and hunter can take advantage of the deluxe drop camps used for the guided elk hunting trips. Requiring a minimum of three people, the camps can sleep and accommodate up to eight people. Silver Spur Lodge takes the burden off your hands of packing you in and out, as well as packing out your game. Each camp is equipped with radio communications so you can contact the lodge in the instance of an emergency and for when you are ready to have your game packed out by the lodge.

Elk Hunting: The Experience

When you choose elk hunting with an outfitter, there are a number of variables to consider. What is your level of experience, and what do you want to get out of your experience? An outfitter typically provides the comforts of a camp, with tents set up as a kitchen with a wood burning stove for a hearty meal, and another with padded cots comfortable night’s sleep after a long day of hunting. Camps will also generally provide you with a radio, especially for unguided hunts, to get in touch with the outfitter in the case of an emergency or to pack out your game.

For Idaho’s Silver Spur Lodge, elk hunting takes place during the fall, which allows for the opportunity to encounter and hunt Black Bear and deer in Idaho, in addition to elk if you opt for a guided hunt. An unguided elk hunt is better suited for the seasoned hunter. Elk hunts will provide access to Units 19, 20, and 20A. After packing horses for a ride to camp, each day of elk hunting will take you out into the backcountry in search of the perfect prize. An accommodating outfitter will then pack your game out of camp for you.

Elk Hunting and Beyond

Opting to go elk hunting through an outfitter enables you to hunt more game as they will often provide the appropriate hunting licenses, and then pack out your game. At Silver Spur Lodge, guided elk hunting serves as an opportunity to also hunt deer and bears in this combination hunt.

Silver Spur Lodge provides gives you the opportunity to hunt the Idaho backcountry throughout the seasons. Bear hunts in the fall and spring,
Mountain lion hunts, moose hunts from late summer into the fall, and Bighorn sheep hunts are a number of other options that attract hunters from all over.

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