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How to Stay Undetected Hunting from a Tree Stand

Hunting from a tree stand offers you many opportunities to capture game that blinds, still shooting, and other techniques simply don’t allow. Tree stand hunting gives you the time and concealment you need to capture your shot and punch that tag.

Here are four tips to help you remain concealed in your tree stand and make the most of your next hunting trip!


When using a tree stand, never compromise your safety in order to get the shot.

Wear a harness and always apply a lifeline before climbing up. A harness and lifeline, when applied and worn correctly, will keep you safe from the moment your feet leave the ground until you are safely back down.


Depending on your hunting area and the game of choice, it is essential to hang your stand high enough that you are out of the sightline of your prey.

Don’t go overboard, though!

A stand that is too high will limit your kill-zone because of your shot angle. In most cases, 20 feet is just about right but you may need to adjust for larger prey, like moose and bear.


The chance of game smelling you before seeing you are usually quite high.

Even the most expensive camo gear won’t hide your scent from approaching animals and while you can use your tree stand placement to minimize the effects of the wind, it’s still important to take precautions with your laundry soap, shampoo, and body odor!

Noisy Clothes

Being quiet in the woods, whether you’re walking to your tree stand, reaching for some water, or sighting your kill, is crucial. And many of today’s waterproof fabrics are, unfortunately, extremely noisy…

Be sure to test your hunting gear to see how much noise it makes while walking and moving to ensure you remain hidden from all your prey’s senses in your tree stand!

Ready to hunt?

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