Enjoy Your Hunt!

Exercise, try to increase your endurance as much as possible, we will be in altitudes of over 6,000 ft and the air is thinner there so take this into consideration when getting ready for the hunt.

Clothing, be prepared for a variety of weather, good comfortable clothing is a must, wool or fleece is a good choice for the outer layer. Thermal underwear is another good choice. Quiet rainwear that can be put in a day packed. Layering clothing helps in the continual changing temperature. Of course, as the season nears and you have some questions give me a call (208) 842-2417 or e-mail me and I will be glad to give you some tips on what would be a good choice.

Quiet clothing will help you stalk your game. Fleece or wool works best. We also recommend camouflage.

Good boots are a must. It will make your hunt much more pleasant and break them in before coming to the hunt.

Heavy socks and plenty of them.

Camp slippers or tennis shoes give your feet a break after a long day of hunting.

Camouflage is recommended but orange clothing is up to you.

Sleeping Bag, one that is tested to keep you warm in temperatures down to zero degrees.

Duffle Bag, is recommended with your personal items pack securely within.

Under self-preservation a few things come to mind, a compass or GPS and the knowledge to use it would be very important. Pack an extra pair of eyeglasses if you use them. Any prescription drugs if needed.

Do remember the length of your camp stay and try to pack accordingly for that amount of time.

Your hunt will start with a 5 to 12-mile horseback ride, the following days will be mostly on foot with the possibility of a little riding.

We will have maps and our guides are willing to give plenty of instructions. When book your hunt we will send you a complete list of what to bring.