The Benefits of Backpacking in Idaho

The Benefits of Backpacking in Idaho

It’s already May, which means it’s that time of the year to get out your backpacks, boots, and hiking gear and go backpacking through the wilderness. The great state of Idaho has some amazing scenery to get lost in with your friends and family. Backpacking comes with many benefits to your well-being, physical and mental health.

backpacker on a mounatin in IdahoPhysical and Mental Health

Instead of spending time in a gym, take a walk outside and enjoy the wilderness. Carrying your backpack and other hiking gear will allow you to sweat, burn calories, and strengthen your stamina and energy. It’s also rewarding if you hike up a mountain and experience the view at the top.

You are also experiencing mental exercise because the sole purpose of the backpacking trip is exploration and discovery. Without using a guide, you’re increasing your curiosity, self-awareness, and openness to the world.

Escape from the Real World

Backpacking allows you to escape the daily struggles and stresses you have, whether that’s from paying bills or working at your day job. Hiking in Idaho helps you slow down the fast pace life that everyone is living these days. Taking in the views of mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, and more leaves you with peace.

Idaho has quite a bit of exploration to offer you. Here at Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge, we can help you escape from your daily life and take in a new view.

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Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge

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