Elk Hunting at Silver Spur Lodge in Dixie, Idaho!

Elk Hunting at Silver Spur Lodge in Dixie, Idaho!

Hunting elk is a favorite sport among many hunters. One reason elk hunting is so popular is due to the quality of elk meat. Another reason is that elk can be a very challenging game animal and provide a great deal of excitement. By looking at elk hunting pictures or watching elk hunting videos you’ll see the joy in the faces of the hunters featured in them. It’s important that you follow all elk hunting regulations for the state that you are hunting elk in. Failure to follow those regulations can result in loss of equipment, large fines and even imprisonment.

Choosing the right state for elk hunting can be a difficult task. Idaho should be on every hunter’s option list for their next possible elk hunt.  No matter what state you choose to hunt elk, you will need to follow local laws and regulations. In the great state of Idaho to legally hunt elk you must purchase a hunting license and along with you also need a special tag. Idaho also has specific date ranges that hunters are allowed to hunt elk and they are managed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The revenue from the purchase of hunting licenses and elk tags helps fund Idaho’s elk population management and conservation programs.


Options for your Elk Hunt at Silver Spur Lodge

The Fall season is a great time for Elk Hunting.  Silver Spur Lodge in Dixie, Idaho has everything you need to plan and execute your elk hunt.  We offer a few options for your elk hunting trip:

1. Guided Back country Camp Hunts.  These hunts are 9 days long.  They can be accessed by horseback only.  Although located in the remote wilderness on our property, our camps are in contact with lodge by radio and will call in the packer when your game is down.We offer these hunts as 2×1 (2 hunters and 1 guide) and 1×1 hunts (1 hunter and 1 guide)

2. Deluxe Drop Camps.  These use the same camps as the guided hunts; however, there are no guides included.  3 tents can sleep from 2 to 8 hunters, all from the same group.  There is a fully equipped kitchen tent, but hunters will need to furnish the food.

3. Guided Lodge Hunts.  Hunters stay in our log lodge with all the comforts of home. These hunts are by 4×4, ATV, horseback and foot. You will start the day with a hot breakfast and return to the lodge each evening to a home cooked meal.

Silver Spur Outfitters &Lodge has everything you need for a successful elk hunt.

Silver Spur Lodge offers several packages for elk hunts, as well as bear hunts, big horn sheep hunts, moose and deer hunts, and even mountain lion hunting!


For additional information, prices and to reserve your accommodations for the hunt,visit our website, call Rick & Deb at (208) 842-2417 or drop us an email at huntingidaho@silverspurlodge.com.

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