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How to Succeed in Spot and Stalk Hunting

Spot and stalk hunting is a great technique usually implemented when bow-hunting animals like elk, mule deer and pronghorns in mountainous and Western prairie regions. The goal is to figure out your approach plan for a good shot before the animal sees you. Newbie? Here are a few tips to help you succeed in spot and stalk hunting!

Dress for success

Hunter Laying Down to Stalk His Target in IdahoIf your clothing makes loud hissing sounds every time you brush against a branch, your quarry will make a run for it. Choose the right clothing to minimize noise: wool in winter, and synthetic fabrics with a soft pile on the outside surface in summer. Don’t forget a beaked hat to shade your eyes. Needless to say, your gear should be camouflage!

Think like an animal

If there isn’t an option to approach in complete silence (and often there isn’t), act like a woodland creature. Turkeys and squirrels, which your quarry is used to seeing in the wild, scratch, scrape, yelp and chitter, and you can too. If you’re spotted, all is not lost. Feign disinterest, just like a sheep would. You can even pretend to nap.

Take note of which way the wind blows

You want to avoid the animal catching your scent as you approach, so stay downwind. This factor can go easily forgotten, staying downwind will help with your scent control.

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