Bighorn Sheep Hunting

There are a few things you want to consider before you start bighorn sheep hunting. The first of these factors is your rifle choices. The best rifle choice for bighorn sheep hunting is a fast, flat shooting rifle that is zeroed in at 300 yards.

No matter how much hunting experience you have or what equipment you are using, your success with big horn sheep hunting all comes down to wearing the proper footwear. If you don’t have the proper footwear then you are going to have nothing but sore feet and blisters which are the fastest way to ruin your hunting experience. So make sure you have a good pair of footwear that is properly padded and insulated to protect your feet and keep you comfortable on your long hikes through the mountains.

Just as important as footwear is choosing the right clothing for your bighorn sheep hunting experience. You want to choose clothing based on three factors: breathability, warmth, and weight. If you have to substitute one of these then you want to focus on breathability and warmth and forget weight. It is a good idea to consider wool and gore-tex clothing blends to get the best.

Keeping these three factors in mind you will be able to get the greatest results from your big horn sheep hunting guide experience. Without being properly prepared you will ruin your hunting experience and likely have to cut it short. So be sure you are properly prepared before heading out on your hunt.