Plan a Thrilling Elk Hunting Trip to Idaho

Elk are a truly impressive species of deer. They are on of the largest species of deer in North America. Each year male elk proclaim their dominance during mating season as their bugling can be heard throughout the Idaho wilderness. Elk are prized for their meat, which is leaner and richer in protein than beef. Hunters enjoy the challenge and thrill associated with hunting elk, which are the symbol of stamina and agility.

Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge offers the expertise of their professional hunting guides, packers, and cooks as hunters are guided to prime elk locations on a 400 square mile area of Idaho hunting ground. Hunters can choose guided or unguided hunts with the choice of a seven or nine-day elk-hunting excursion. Hunters will be put to the test by the challenging terrain of the Idaho backcountry. After a long day of hunting, guests will enjoy a peaceful night on a padded cot and sleep tent.

Idaho Elk Hunting Kick-off

Elk hunting trips are accessible by horseback. The nine-day backcountry camp hunt enables hunters to enjoy a comfortable night at the main lodge on the first night of arrival. The second-day hunters pack up and head out to camp on horseback. They will begin hunting this same day. Professional outfitters and guides will remain in camp on guided elk hunts. A radio is provided for communications in the event of an emergency or other need. Hunters enjoy nine days and eight nights hunting for Idaho elk and other game with a combination hunt for elk, deer, and black bear.

Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge Rates

Hunting rates and lodging availability for Elk hunting is listed on the Silver Spurs Lodge website under the prices tab. Rates are listed by Elk hunt and other big game hunting packages. Elk hunting packages include the choice of:  the guided 9-day backcountry camp hunt (Sep. 15-Oct. 10), guided 7-day lodge hunt (Sep. 15- Nov. 11), and the 9-day deluxe drop camp (Sep. 15-Nov. 11). Booking specials and availability can be requested from this location as well. Book your 2017 Elk hunting trip now to guarantee your elk tag and date. Call (208) 842-2417 or send an email to Rick or Deb at