Mountain Lion Hunting

Anyone who hunts extensively knows that you don’t experience the truest form of excitement until you have tried mountain lion hunting. Hunting a big game cat is unlike anything else in the hunting world. We hunt the Elk City and Selway zones which have some of the largest Mt. Lions on record.

We base our hunts from our lodge with all the comforts of home. These are 7 days, 6 night 6 full hunting days. We will be hunting by 4X4, ATV, snowmobile, and hiking to find fresh tracks. When we find fresh tracks we release the hounds and the chase is on. Our dogs are equipped with tracking collars so we are able to track their location. When the cat is treed we hike in to check the size and make the decision to take it or not. We will also be walking into some areas to check for fresh tracks.  This hunt is on gentle to steep terrain, while it usually doesn’t take a lot of walking we still need to get to the cat. These hunts have a high success rate provided the weather cooperates, fresh snow is the best. We also allow the hunter to take bobcats when in season. The cost for a nonresident license is $154.75 and the reduced lion tag is $41.75 for a total of $196.50 for both. We also hunt the Elk City Zone during December and the lion tag cost $186.50 in that zone. We are in a 2 lion area and you can make the decision to hunt for a 2nd lion after you take your 1st. We charge $1,000.00 more to hunt for a  2nd lion and the 2nd lion tag will cost $41.75. We run our lion hunts from December 1st to March 31st.

We also allow our hunt to harvest a wolf if one is spotted while lion hunting. The tag is $31.75. It’s great to come back to the warmth of the lodge after a long day of hunting.