Deer Hunting Guide

In Idaho, the most sought after hunting is that of the white-tailed deer. West of the Rockies, the most dominant deer species is the mule deer. The difference between these two species is the difference in ears, tail, antler shape and body size.

A mule deer will have longer ear than a white-tailed deer and often look like the ears of a mule. Mule deer have a tail with a black tip that is proportionally smaller than a white-tailed deer. Both the mule deer and white-tailed deer will sprout antlers. However, the mule deer will branch and re-branch forming several Y shapes. On the other hand, the white-tailed bucks have one main beam with several tines that sprout from it. Often a white-tailed buck will be smaller than a mule buck.

While moose and elk are also popular game animals in Idaho and are a member of the deer family these animals aren’t considered in deer hunting. Instead, the moose and elk are considered a form of big game hunting.

In Idaho, there are five typical methods used to hunt deer: stalking, stand hunting, still hunting, line drives and spot or stalk hunting. Often spot and stalk hunting will be used in an area with large visible areas. The other four hunting methods are typically used in areas with rolling hills or level country where it is difficult to see over trees or bushes and keep an eye on deer. However, the actual method of deer hunting you use will be determined by your specific hunting needs.