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Visiting the Frank Church—River Of No Return Wilderness

Visiting the Frank Church—River Of No Return Wilderness

Picture yourself exploring a rugged wilderness of steep, craggy mountains, wild whitewater rivers and deep canyons. Where could such a landscape be found? Here in Idaho, of course!

Thrills abound at the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

The Frank Church River of No Return WildernessSalmon River in Idaho

The roots of this area’s name have two parts.

The Main Salmon River, which runs through the wilderness, used to be called “the River of No Return” because in the past, boats could navigate down the river but could not come back up due to the numerous rapids and fast-moving water.

Today, modern jet-powered boats are able to navigate the river both ways.

The “Frank Church” part was added to honor a local senator who sponsored bills to protect wilderness areas like this one.

Numerous artifacts related to the area’s historic heritage have been found, including Shoshone and Nez Perce Native American objects, journals written by early missionaries and fur trappers, and remnants of the settlements of miners and homesteaders.

At the Park Today

Today, the park is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors.

It features a canyon that’s deeper than most others in the world, including the Grand Canyon, two whitewater rivers, abundant trout fishing and numerous hiking trails.

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