Idaho Hunting

Hunting is described as the process of pursuing a live animal for the purpose of food, recreation or trade. The animal you are hunting is referred to as game and can include large or small mammals or birds.

There are a number of hunting techniques that can be used. When it comes to choosing your Idaho hunting methods it is important that you keep in mind the regulations of where, when and how hunts can be conducted. Often the technique you choose to use when hunting will be determined by government regulations, personal ethics, local customs, firearms and the type of animal you are hunting. Sometimes more than one technique will be combined in order to successfully hunt certain types of game.

When you use decoys, lures or scents it is known as baiting. Stand or blind hunting is the process of waiting for the game from a concealed or elevated position. When you use noises to attract or drive animals during your hunt you are using a technique referred to as calling. Most hunters will use some form of camouflage that uses visual concealment or scent concealment in order to blend in with the natural environment.

If you use a device designed to capture an animal this is referred to as trapping. If you physically pursue an animal through the evidence they leave behind then you are tracking. Still or stalking hunting involves walking quietly in order to find an animal or to pursue a specific animal. The most modern form of hunting is known as internet hunting, which uses webcams and remotely controlled guns to hunt from your own home using the computer.