Wilderness Pack Trips

wilderness pack tripsWhen it comes to wilderness pack trips, you have several options. The trip you choose to take will be determined by your personal interest and your outdoor experience. The first is a spot pack trip in which you take three to four hours to arrive at a campsite and then return back to the lodge in the same day. These trips are best for those who don’t have a lot of outdoor experience and want to get started with something simple.

For the more experienced there is an overnight spot pack trip in which you travel to a campsite and stay overnight before returning to the lodge the next day. For those that are into the outdoor experience and want to take a longer trip, there is the continuous pack trip in which you may take small side trips or move your campsite as needed. Often for these trips, you will be charged by the day.

For the more experienced outdoor individual, it will be enjoyable to take a tour that allows you to control your destination. However, if you aren’t that experienced with pack trips you can still have a wonderful experience by hiring a guided tour.