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What You Need to Know About Hunting Mountain Lions in Idaho

Hunting mountain lions is unlike any other big game sport. It takes a different level of skill and local knowledge to understand how these animals live and move. So, a little bit of research can go a long way. Luckily, we did the work for you!

Here’s what you need to know about hunting mountain lions in Idaho:

Learn more about their location

Mountain Lion Hunting in IdahoOver 450 cats are hunted each year in Idaho, making the state one of the most prime destinations for mountain lion hunting in the country.

It’s second only to Colorado in terms of sheer numbers hunted, and should give any prospective mountain lion hunter reaffirmation that you’ve picked the right place to hunt.

For this reason, it’s worth tapping into local talent for guidance, and help.


Understanding mountain lion patterns

A key part of all hunting expeditions is understanding the ways in which your target animal moves around.

Mountain lions tend to leave tracks that have no claw marks, but four toes and a heel; and often pull together twigs and branches into a pile, where they urinate. Once you know to look out for these two tell-tale signs, you’ll be able to better track their movements, and put yourself in a better position to hunt.

Listening for their distinctive sounds

It’s essential that you practice safety on any hunting trip, but especially when your target is a mountain lion—they are fiercer and more dangerous than most other animals and will lash out if they feel threatened.

To that end, it’s worth understanding the way in which they communicate, as female and male lions tend to growl to find each other. Listening for that familiar growl will not only be helpful in locating your prey, but also, add a measure of safety for yourself.

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