Visiting Idaho? Hike Blowout and Churchill Mountain

Visiting Idaho? Hike Blowout and Churchill Mountain

Everyone knows that the hiking mountain peaks in any state can be extremely tough, but they’re always worth it in the end. If you’ve ever thought about visiting the state of Idaho, you should. Idaho has so much to offer when it comes to exploring the outdoors. From high peaks to lakes and from sand dunes to fishing rivers, Idaho has a little bit everything for whomever is looking to visit this great state.

Where to Stay?

Well, we encourage you to stay with us here at Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge. We have a very cozy lodge for you to stay in with plenty of activities including hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking in Dixie, Idaho. We are surrounded by wilderness, and we’re very close to several mountain peaks and ranges.

Hiking Mountain Peaks in Dixie, Idaho

Dixie, Idaho is surrounded by wilderness, as well as mountain ranges that are spectacular. Churchill and Blowout Mountain are very close to the town, which means if you’re staying with us, you’ll have easy access to these trails if you desire to challenge yourself with a rewarding end. Both Churchill and Blowout are over 2,000 feet.

The Benefits of Hiking Mountain Ranges:

When we put ourselves to the challenge of hiking up a mountain, we’re allowing ourself to escape our daily life and focus on something that we have to hurtle. Taking on a mountain peak can be tough and tiring, but the reward is unmatched when you reach the top. The toughness of any hike is swept away by the beautiful views you’ll get to see when you reach the peak.

Idaho is a state that gets overlooked when deciding on places to visit, but if you’re into the outdoors and exploring the wilderness of the United States, this is a place for you to stay. Contact Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge at 208-842-2417 today or visit us online for more information!

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