Elk Hunts in Fall and Winter at Silver Spur Lodge

Elk Hunts in Fall and Winter at Silver Spur Lodge

Elk hunting in Idaho

The fall season is a great time for Elk Hunting and Idaho is one of the best locations to do it.  Hunters get the expansive wilderness backcountry experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Elk hunting is a sport that calls for preparation and planning. First of all, it’s a physical sport, so make sure you are in shape prior to the hunt. It’s also a time for camaraderie and a chance to be in the great outdoors. But if you haven’t been on an elk hunt before, you may want to follow some guidelines to prepare.

Preparing for your first elk hunt

There are a few lessons to be learned from experienced elk hunters.

  1. Make sure you are physically ready.Elk live in big places and cover distance very quickly. Hunted elk go into steep, high, rocky areas. A successful elk hunter needs the stamina and endurance to be prepared to follow them into these areas and keep up with them. At a minimum, walk or jog for several weeks prior to your hunt to get your legs and lungs in the best shape possible.
  2. Practice shooting prior to the hunt with a paper bulls-eye, from a sitting, kneeling and off-hand positions. Determine a “90 percent kill” sight picture, and fire only when you have acquired it.
  3. Limit your rifle weight to 9 pounds. Long-range rifles often handicap hunters. Heavy rifles often slow your step, tire you in the hills, and keep you from wanting to venture into the best elk cover.
  4. Keep your scope at 3X or 4X so you’ll have time to dial up for long shots.Scopes are faster than iron sights, with elk and reticle appearing in the same plane.
  5. Look near before you look far. Often on elk hunts, a good option can scuttle a better, easier one.
  6. Move like an elk. If you must talk, whisper. Elk hear well but dismiss some noises. Hunters who talk loudly or let their gear clack and rattle as they walk send elk packing.
  7. Have a realistic plan. Don’t hold out for the outsize bull. Shoot the elk you’d take the last day as soon as you see it. Assuming you can always kill a lesser elk later in the hunt if a big one doesn’t show early on is not the best thinking.
  8. Elk stop frequently and look back. Don’t always follow the track. You can catch an elk off-guard by circling wide around the herd through.
  9. Hiking past elk early puts you where elk don’t expect hunters to be. Don’t stop in the dark to listen for elk. They’ll spook. Hike purposefully and ignore them; the elk will let you by, and you’ll be likely to shoot one later.
  10. Rutting elk sometimes respond to a bugle by moving away. Still-hunt toward a noisy bull, and be aware that he might lie beyond alert cows.

Options for your Elk Hunt at Silver Spur Lodge

Silver Spur Lodge in Dixie, Idaho has everything you need to plan and execute your elk hunt.  We offer several options for your elk hunting trip:

  1. Guided Backcountry Camp Hunts. These hunts are 9 days long.  They can be accessed by horseback only.  Although located in the remote wilderness on our property, our camps are in contact with lodge by radio and will call in the packer when your game is down.We offer these hunts as 2×1 (2 hunters and 1 guide) and 1×1 hunts (1 hunter and 1 guide)
  2. Deluxe Drop Camps. These use the same camps as the guided hunts; however, there are no guides included.  3 tents can sleep from 2 to 8 hunters, all from the same group.  There is a fully equipped kitchen tent, but hunters will need to furnish the food.
  3. Guided Lodge Hunts. Hunters stay in our log lodge with all the comforts of home. These hunts are by 4×4, ATV, horseback and foot. You will start the day with a hot breakfast and return to the lodge each evening to a home cooked meal.

Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge has everything you need for a successful elk hunt.

Silver Spur Lodge offers several packages for elk hunts, as well as bear hunts, big horn sheep hunts, moose and deer hunts, and even mountain lion hunting!

For additional information, prices and to reserve your accommodations for the hunt,visit our website, call Rick & Deb at (208) 842-2417 or drop us an email at huntingidaho@silverspurlodge.com.

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