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Take a Wildlife Trip with Silver Spur Outfitters and Lodge

Take a Wildlife Trip with Silver Spur Outfitters and Lodge

Idaho provides some of the most amazing back country scenery in the United States. This summer take the opportunity to go on a wildlife adventure with Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge. We offer an incredible Summer Pack Trip!

Blue Lake IdahoWhat We Offer

Take a summer pack trip or a trail ride with us. We provide lunches and exploration opportunities for you to see the beautiful state of Idaho.

  • Trail Rides – we have trail rides $35 for the first hour and then $15 per hour after. Our half day trips cost $65, which would be 4-hour rides. We also offer a full day ride costing $125, which includes an 8-hour ride with food and drinks.
  • Summer Pack Trips – This is a 6-day trip based in a lodge costing $950. This includes lodging all meals, 3 days of horseback riding, stream fishing, photography trips, hiking, and visits to abandoned gold mines and wildlife viewing. Our other package includes a 6-day trip, 3 nights at the lodge and 3 days and 2 nights in back country camps costing $1,200. This trip has lodging all meals 3 days and 2 nights pack trip into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness or the Gospel Hump Wilderness for camping, fishing, wildlife viewing, and hiking.

We also offer three other back country pack trips, which will give you the best sense of adventure for this summer. Don’t wait to get out into the wilderness and experience the beauty that this country has to offer.

Capture Your Adventure

Make sure you have your camera or phone with a camera to capture your beautiful memories. Idaho provides breathtaking views for your camera to capture. If you would like to make the trip even more adventurous and creative, consider GoPro to capture your trip!

This great country has a plethora of land to explore, so don’t let time pass before you decide to go and explore the wilderness. You will be surprised on what you will discover on a wilderness trip. You will gain a greater appreciation to nature and wildlife. Contact Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge at 208-842-2417 today to plan your trip with us!



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