Spring Bear Hunts in Idaho

Spring Bear Hunts in Idaho

The North American black bears are predatory, big game animals who know how to hide out of sight. They roam wide and varied foraging areas, usually among heavy thickets and brush. Bears prefer dense cover, such as mountain forests, mixed woodland, and heavy black timber. Silver Spur Outfitters offers Spring bear hunts that run from May 15th to June 30th!

The Bears in Idaho

This species of bear is a hefty animal with a thick hairy coat that is usually black but can also be chocolate brown, blonde or even white. It is a forest dweller and its habitat is characterized by heavy, thick vegetation that has an abundance of fruit and nut bearing trees and shrubs all around. Nose to tail, a black bear can measure eight feet plus. Boars are larger than sows in size. However, it usually walks on all fours and stands up to three feet at shoulder height. Adult males weigh anywhere between 250 to 600 pounds.Black Bears are smaller than grizzly bears, Alaskan brown bears, and polar bears, but are more accessible to hunt.

The skillful guides at Silver Spur Outfitters know the best spots for hunting bears. The ideal areas are usually where the open meets thick cover. Prime hunting areas also include areas that provide a food source for the bear – berry patches, abandoned orchards, or game trails that run parallel to rivers and creek bottoms.

Black bears are elusive, with sharp senses and are challenging to pursue. In our search for this prey, we look for signs that they have been in the territory, such as claw marks on a tree, tracks on the ground, or tree stumps that have been dug at for ants and grubs. With Silver Spur Outfitters as your guide, you will be fully prepared for the challenge!

Spring Bear Hunting Tips at Silver Spur Lodge

Although Silver Spur Lodge’s guides are experts and will help your bear hunt be successful, there are certain things recommended for you to prepare for your hunt.

  • Use scent covers. Because black bears have a highly developed sense of smell, they can detect human body smells. To maximize your chances of success you should use scent covers to mask your scent.
  • Avoid smoking. Tobacco smoke has a very distinctive smell and can put the bear on alert at once. Avoid smoking during or even before the hunt, because the scent can permeate clothing.
  • Stalk bears upwind. Keeping track of wind direction is also crucial to prevent the bear from detecting your presence.
  • Take your time. When spotting a black bear during the hunt either from the ground or from a tree stand at a bait station, it is important to remain calm and take time to aim and execute the shot carefully, adjusting it to hit a vital organ. Black bears can move very quickly over considerable distances if wounded with a poor shot.


Silver Spur Lodge in Idaho has everything you need for a successful bear hunt.

The bear hunts at Silver Spur Lodge in the Idaho back country are exciting hunts that will get your adrenaline pumping. Our success rate on bear is very high with an excellent chance of getting a color phase. We take 40% black and 60% chocolate, cinnamon or blond color phase.

We have several types of accommodations to choose from for your hunt, including the wilderness log lodge, with all the comforts of home, and the remote back country camps for a better wilderness experience.

For additional information and to reserve your accommodations for the hunt,visit our website, call Rick & Deb at (208) 842-2417 or drop us an email at huntingidaho@silverspurlodge.com.

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